Key Concepts in Pitstop to Perform

Key Performance Concepts introduced by Pitstop to Perform™

The BIG Question
The BIG question is: ‘What % of your bu/team’s full potential is presently being exploited?’  It can be applied at the level of the organization, business unit or team.

It is called the BIG question because it goes to the heart of debate about performance.  Also because it has a BIG goal – to change the way leaders and their teams talk about performance by focusing on potential, it is future focused and positive.

Performance Potential – The un-tapped potential of an individual, team or organisation.  It is the difference between present performance what the individual or team is capable of – between what is and what could be.

Performance Losses – The reasons why an individual or team is performing below its potential. They may be structural, strategic, cultural, etc.  There are almost 200 (in the Pitstop Meta-model™) organized into 4 primary categories.

1. Performance dynamics – including organisational culture/health, group dynamics, norms and behaviours.
2. Performance design – these relate organisational structure and unit/team set-up or design including the right people in the right roles doing the right work and so on.
3. Strategic Performance / Execution
Including  purpose, alignment, execution, agility, visibility and control.
4. Leadership Performance

Including leadership, management, empowerment, vision, teamwork.

Pitstop Meta-model™
A next generation model of performance and potential.  The model de-personalizes and de-politicizes the issue of performance revealing those factors preventing a team from realizing peak performance, specifically performance losses that can be converted into gains of 7-25%.  The model is BIG data visualization of almost 200 factors that can prevent a team realizing peak performance (called performance losses), organized into 22 primary categories.

Zone of Peak Performance™
This is where an organisation, business unit, team or individual is pushing the boundaries \ in terms of performance and exploiting most of its potential.  Technically, it is where the P2P Metric™ (ratio of performance to potential) is 75% plus.  That is the equivalent of performing at 90% for 80% of the time.  We refer this as a F1™ standard of performance.