5 Ways to put Pitstop to Perform™ to work in your business unit or team:

1. Run your own Pitstop to Perform™ workshop

Pitstop to Perform Kit

2. Talk to Us about running a Pitstop with your team

Executives pitstop the performance of their key teams, projects and strategic initiatives – using data just like in motor racing.  The objective is to un-lock performance potential of 7-25%.

Want us to run a pitstop with your team as part of a conference or workshop?  Click here.

3. Interact with the Models

Keep the Pitstop models front of mind with posters for your office.  See the full range of framed and un-framed posters here.

4. Run Pitstop Analytics™ on your business unit or team

Use Pitstop Analytics™ on your business unit or team to.
1. Scientifically measure performance potential, called the P2P Metric™
2. Systematically identify Performance Losses that can be converted into Gains of 7%-25%
3. Identify what zone your team is in and identify how it can spend more time in the Zone of Peak Performance™.

Buy units of the analytics here.

5. Order copies of the book(s) for your team

Order Pitstop to Perform™ or other books in the series for your team by clicking here.